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"I tweeted about how great my jerseys are. Thanks again.
----Lisa Armstrong
Date: Jan 17 2017 4:28PM
"Thank you my friend! The jersey looks great.
I appreciate.."
----Jose Velasquez
Date: Jan 13 2017 2:17PM
"Thank you so much I am glad that I found your company.
----Gregg Bedrosian
Date: Jan 13 2017 2:17PM
" I recieved all items in this order today. Thank you!
I w.."
----Joel Morado
Date: Jan 11 2017 12:30PM
"Hello Chen.Thank you very much for the packer jerseys.
Date: Jan 11 2017 11:03AM
"I received my order and I am satisfied with the merchandise"
----Ben Walker
Date: Jan 11 2017 11:02AM
"You will have my business.
I''''ve said before your produ.."
----Adan Rios
Date: Jan 11 2017 11:01AM
"Thank you for the Jersey they were a great gift loved the jers.."
----Adan Rios
Date: Jan 11 2017 11:00AM
"My Jersey''''s were delivered today
and I want to say tha.."
----Tommy Magana
Date: Jan 11 2017 11:00AM

Hello Chen.Thank you very much for the packer jerseys. Very.."

----Mark Sprawka
Date: Jan 11 2017 11:00AM

Contact messenger

"ir order 10 jerseys get one free free shipping dhl?"
----joe morreale
Date: Jan 17 2017 5:17AM
"I have tried several times to place order please help keep get.."
----gregg bedrosian
Date: Jan 14 2017 10:52PM
"I have western union you the money for the jersey wanted to ma.."
----chris Thomas
Date: Jan 13 2017 9:00PM
"Order: GA7191 Am I able to track my package? Thanks!"
Date: Jan 6 2017 7:10AM
"Do you have a cool breeze in 3x with ernie banks n the world s.."
Date: Jan 6 2017 5:28AM
"Do you have a 5XL Pittsburgh Steeler jersey"
----Ferdinand Martinez
Date: Jan 1 2017 7:20AM
"hi im in the process of purchasing 285 dollars in jerseys it s.."
----chuck de la cruz
Date: Jan 1 2017 2:26AM
"Hello, I was wondering how to track my order it doesnt seem to.."
----chris Court
Date: Dec 31 2016 11:55PM
"Received my order, was great. Will be ordering again. Thanks"
----Douglas Wolf
Date: Dec 31 2016 6:56AM
"did my order go through with payment GA7037"
Date: Dec 27 2016 12:52PM

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